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I’m finally all caught up with Free! Eternal Summer. Wasn’t enterally angsty as I thought it would be but dang it rinmatsuocat I need a hug with the last few episode.  Sharkbutt made me cry. Twice. And I kinda want to snuggle Haru right now.


spelling bee administrator: you word is delicious
me: D to the E to the L I C I O U S to the D to the E to the to the to the
spelling bee administrator: hit it fergie


And thus, a character named Nanobii is created. [becauseofthismusic]


A Date in Amsterdam

I always wanted to illustrate Hazel and Gus’s dinner date, plus my degree in architecture is over and I now have too much free time on my hands, so not only did I do a triptych, but I also decided to animate them, cinemagraph-style. To see the still versions, go to my deviantart here.

P.S. This is my first time making gifs! 

P.P.S. I’m thinking of taking the plunge and putting my prints up on Society6 or something, so I wonder if anyone’s interested? Of course, I’ll probably have to build up a sizeable amount of art first.


Friendly reminder that annabeth use to give percy ancient greek lessons when he first got to camp


bisexualjason proposed a jasico pacrim au with Raleigh/Mako dynamics aaaand I started drawing some scenes and couldn’t stop. Most of these are just screencap redraws from the movie (and I considered giving Nico highlights buuuut it looked kind of weird haha). 

In which ex-pilot Jason’s reluctance to return, after his sister and copilot’s death years ago, dissipates when he meets Nico, a small Italian whose home, sister, and mother were lost in a Kaiju attack when he was young. They name their jaeger “Night Fury” (the unholy offspring of lightening and death).

(click pictures for captions)

(more to come later!)


heroes of olympus + urban dictionary definitions

this started as a joke but ended up being really accurate

all art by minuiko

the rejects:


Sometimes I ask myself what I’m doing, is it out of character or is it acceptable but then I’m like, nah, and post anyway